About us

Greetings and welcome to Non Sequitur!

In this blog, you will find posts from four PhD students that come from very different fields: mathematical physics and number theory.

Our main purpose is to share things that we find interesting, that includes but isn’t limited to problems, paper and book reviews, scribbles from the pub, or anything else that draws our attention.

Since the tone of the blog is relaxed, we hope that our maths are correct (we will certainly try), but if isn’t, please let us know!

Now, a little bit about us:

Diego Vidal-Cruzprieto (@vidaleando) is doing research on Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetimes. He has a weird obsession with bar billiards and an everlasting enmity with doors. He also is the Treasurer of the Society of Mexican Students in the United Kingdom.

Andrew Scoones (@AndrewScoones3) is doing research in Algebraic and Transcendental Number Theory. When not doing maths, you’ll likely find him watching MMA or at the pub (or both at once).

Bradley Lang is researching in the field of Conformal Quantum field Theory. His main non-academic interest is in strength sports, he is the chairman (& reigning champion) of a yearly Strongman competition in Devon. Other than this he’s probably losing to Diego at bar billiards…

Ross Ratcliffe is an algebraist interested in the representation theory of algebraic groups. His hobbies are roleplaying games, birdwatching, and watching rugby (league, never union)

Disclaimer: Our opinions are our own and by no means reflect the views of the institutions with which we are or were affiliated.

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