Hadamard states: Part I

Disclaimer: This post is part of a series about Hadamard. I do not pretend to be rigorous nor thorough. The main idea is just to cover (in a rather informal way) the main concepts. Within the framework of algebraic QFT (AQFT), the fields are the fundamental observables of the theory and are algebra-valued distributions. The…

Baker’s Theorem and the Class Number Problem (Part 3)

Disclaimer: This post is the third of a set of three(ish) about Baker’s Theorem and the Class Number Problem. It is intended to be informative and not too rigorous. Find part one here and part two here! So, we’ve introduced both the Class Number One Problem and Baker’s Theorem, and now we’re going to try…

Quantum Energy Inequalities, Part I

I am pretty sure that some of our readers must know of Sabine Hossenfelder, she is a really good researcher and communicator of science, make sure to check out her Youtube channel. A couple a weeks ago, she released a really good video with some exciting news: new developments in a certain class of warp…


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