The mathematics of weather prediction and why complaining about it won’t help

Welcome back to the blog, I am taking a break from talking about conformal field theories to rant (non-seriously, I’m too apathetic to actually care) about weather prediction. Specifically I would like to discuss the challenges we face when trying to accurately calculate long term weather forecasts. For far too long I’ve heard complaints aboutContinue reading “The mathematics of weather prediction and why complaining about it won’t help”

Analytic and numeric implementation of conformal welding

Previously we discussed conformal welding in a fairly general setting. I stated that it had a use in calculating probability distributions of smeared energy densities, my aim is for this post to set the last of the mathematical foundation before I can then delve into the consequences of this. As with last time I willContinue reading “Analytic and numeric implementation of conformal welding”


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