Geodesics on Regular Polyhedra II

In my previous post we explored the problem with drawing simple geodesics, beginning and ending at the same vertex, on the tetrahedron and octahedron. Today we tackle the beasts that are the cube and icosahedron. Relevant papers for this section are Fuchs & Fuchs 2007 [1] and Fuchs 2016 [2]. This post will be aContinue reading “Geodesics on Regular Polyhedra II”

Geodesics on Regular Polyhedra

As a roleplaying game enthusiast I spend much of my free time interacting with – or boring my friends with talks on – platonic solids. My interest in the geometry of the platonic solids was piqued by a Numberphile video concerning geodesics on platonic solids. Admittedly, my knowledge of geometry is lacking, and so IContinue reading “Geodesics on Regular Polyhedra”