An introduction to Conformal Welding

Here we discuss the subject of Conformal Welding, the best resource on this is given by Sharon and Mumford in a paper titled “2D-Shape Analysis Using Conformal Mapping”, I will cover some of the material that is in that paper but it will be refined for my specific interest. As mentioned in my previous blogContinue reading “An introduction to Conformal Welding”

Geodesics on Regular Polyhedra

As a roleplaying game enthusiast I spend much of my free time interacting with – or boring my friends with talks on – platonic solids. My interest in the geometry of the platonic solids was piqued by a Numberphile video concerning geodesics on platonic solids. Admittedly, my knowledge of geometry is lacking, and so IContinue reading “Geodesics on Regular Polyhedra”

A whirlwind tour through Quantum Field Theory to Conformal Field Theory

This is designed as a very casual introduction, there are many aspects which are brushed over and ignored. This is because either it isn’t specifically relevant or I didn’t want to bog down the post with unnecessary minutia when the motivation is just to give one an idea of the subject. There are no referencesContinue reading “A whirlwind tour through Quantum Field Theory to Conformal Field Theory”